Henry For Manu?

19 08 2008

Manu are placing a bid on Henry.But Henry won’t go.because he said if ever goes back to England he would go to Arsenal so no go for Henry

Van Persie

19 08 2008

Robin is sure to keep injury free this season he didn’t get a good season last season and will try his best to avoid silly tackles they may end his life football.

Xabi For Arsenal

19 08 2008

Arsenal are  giving a bid Xabi Alonso. If they have him they will win the league easily and Xabi Fabregas are a great team together so Arsenal will have two Spanish players isn’t that Awsome this a daily thing so better be watching every day.And the two Spainish players are both good friends. So Arsenal will have a chance so good luck to your squad and best captain Steven Gerrard and John Terry bye and hope your team the best of luck

Top Goal Scorers

19 08 2008

I think Fernando and Adebayor will score the most goals this season and Ronaldo wont. They have better quality so watch out teams these will be the top scorers

We Don’t Miss D.Drogba

19 08 2008

Chelsea don’t miss Drogba they proved it by beating Pompey 4 nil.If Chelsea can beat a team like that 4 nil without Drobga how can they beat them with Drogba.Does Drogba make them better or worse we can just find out lets see on the 3rd of March thats when they play Pompey again and Drogba will be back too so lets see does he make Chelsea better or worse? that a question we’ll find out soon bye for now

Sir Alex Ferguson We Don’t Need Berbatov

19 08 2008

Sir Alex Ferguson says he doesn’t need Berbatov he says we’ve won the league without his help last season. And he says Manu drew 1-1 because they were not fired up. Maybe if they had Ronaldo or Rooney on the pitch they would have scored but couldn’t put them even if he wanted them on the pitch.Because Ronaldo had operation his knee and Rooney got sickness in Nigeria and im not sure i don’t Rio was playing because he was picked on the England squad ill tell you more later in September i will have some cool contest.And one more Im not a manu fan but manu had a bad start of the season last season but bounced back up can they do it again

Chelsea Good Start Of The Season

19 08 2008

Chelsea have a good start of the season and coming first new boss Scolari says that is more than he expected. And Deco scores debut goal a screamer got the whole crowd wild. They hope to stay in that position and hope they won’t make any mistakes that they will regret in the end of the season so if Chelsea keep on playing like this it’s going to be a hard season for everyone. and by the way these are a few websites Chelseafc.com Arsenal.com and Manu.com im more fond of Arsenal winning the prem and good luck on your squad

Samir Nasri Next Pires

19 08 2008

Arsene Wenger has hailed debut goalscorer Samir Nasri and compared him to former Arsenal winger Robert Pires. The goal output of Pires is still missed at Emirates Stadium but Nasri was quickly off the mark with his fourth minut winner against West Brom in the season opener on Saturday.Wenger has already allowed himself to talk about former Marseille man in the same breath as Marc Overmars and Pires is convinced he will have a simular impact in North Londan.”He had a bad last season at Marseille because he has meningitis and spents two weeks in hospital”, declared the Gunners Arsenal boss. That all for now hope you found that interesting bye.

Adebayor New Contract

19 08 2008

Adebayor is not going to AC Milan he has just signed a new 2-3 deal and you may think Arsene Wenger is a lousy couch by selling players but when he sells them he gets one even better so thats all for now.


19 08 2008

Right now i will be talking about football scores.

Arsenal:1-0 West Brom

Boltan:2-3 Blackburn

Hull:2-1 Fulham

Middlesbrough:2-1 Spurs

West Ham:2-1 Wigan

Sunderland:0-1 Liverpool

Chelsea:4-0 Portsmouth

Aston Villa:4-2 Manchester City

Manchester United:1-1 Newcastle

This the league table

P  Team         Pld  Gd pts

1  Chelsea    1   4       3

2 Aston Villa  1 4       3

3 Boltan  1 3      3   3

 4 Blackburn 1  1 3

This only the top four ill show more later.